Baby talk

Baby playing

Baby Tabitha and her Mummy popped in for a quick cup of tea. What welcome and lovely visitors they were – full of life and familiar, but forgotten perspectives.

It was so nice sitting on the floor in the kitchen. Things seem simpler down there. Tabitha thought the measuring spoons were the bees knees, and the egg poacher was popular too.

The old favourite baby toys are in a suitcase in the loft, and I could dig them out I suppose, but why bother when kitchen utensils are so much fun?!

Come again, Jenny and Tabitha!

Baby gestures

One Comment on “Baby talk

  1. Dear Trudi As I’ve given up Facebook for Lent I’m not meant to be seeing your lovely picture! But they are streaming through on my email, so I’m catching just a glimpse of them! However I’m not looking at them! I am redflagging them up,for after Easter! A special treat in store! Nearly a book in fact! God bless you Love to you and the family, Roger It’s a lovely day in the Cotswolds, and I’ve got my little garden looking really neat and nice! I’ve got a big lunch party, for ten on Wednesday so it’s got to look nice!

    Sent from my iPad


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