Too much fun

feeling a little hungover

Last night we went out for dinner round at our friends’ house, and the whole crowd was there – all the friends we’ve been kicking around with since we were 22.

We’d been gardening all day, after a super busy week (I know, I know, we’re so rock and roll), and loading the skip with all the broken bricks from the old garden wall. I had a shower to get ready to go out, got dressed, sat on the bed for a minute and then immediately fell asleep. When I woke up, in a panic, my carefully dried hair was all squashed on one side, and I had creases on my cheek from the bedcover. I had to rescue the hair with a sort of Kate Bush backcomb. Then, in my haste to look somehow ready (ha!) I decided eye make up would help, but it didn’t. The end result was quite dramatic; a smudgey, gothic accidental masterpiece.

With a black leather biker jacket, it actually looked quite cool. Anyway, they all love me as I am, which is a blessing. I don’t think anyone even noticed, but I didn’t dare go to the bathroom to see what I actually did look like.

I had such a good time – our friends are some of the funniest people ever, and we traded old, old jokes and made up new ones and told stories and laughed until we cried, deep into the night. Perhaps I had too much fun, as I feel a little bit wobbly today.

Monday tomorrow – back on track!




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