New friends

a skipping chip

It’s always been my intention to write and illustrate children’s books. I’ve been banging on about it for what feels like the whole of my life. It doesn’t matter how long, really – I do think everything happens in its own good time, when all the factors are right. I don’t know exactly what’s been holding me back though – perhaps a fear of not being good enough, or a worry that I’ve got nothing new to say, or that I can’t draw the pictures very well. Or maybe not as well as so and so, that famous person, or such and such that acclaimed artist.

Of course I can’t! And nor should I want to. They are them, and I am me. I must do it in my own way, as only I can, respecting my own self, and waiting to see what happens. And I have stories coming out of my ears. And so I’ve made a solid plan of action, with dates on it, and have written nudges to keep me accountable, in my diary. I’ve settled on a story, and thought it all out from all angles. I’ve got preparatory sketches, scribbled notes, endless corrections and a list of characters. I’ve even enrolled two critical editors – children of a friend – who are giving me excellent, welcome, open feedback as only small boys can. It’s a super good start, and I’m excited. Here’s a new friend from the story, in her first iteration – a skippety chip, Olivia.

She’s just one of the gang; a bunch of dreamers who are thinking big, and I love them all, and am giggling as they come out of my paintbrush.

I hereby promise – both you and myself – I’ll get it finished and send it to an agent.



12 Comments on “New friends

  1. Very good news, Trudi. “I knew her before she was famous “! I will be able to say! I look forward very much to being at the launch of your book! Please keep me on your mailing list. Did i tell you that I’m not looking at Facebook in Lent, but your email comes to mine, so I’m seeing what you send, but not counting it as Facebook ,I think! Love from your great ( getting old admirer !) Roger

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    • I will always allow you to keep me grounded even when I am super mega famous. Ha ha! after all, you have known me as a kid, so there’s no pretence there is there?! Don’t worry about Facebook, it is pretty silly anyway. Blogs are a cut above! You will never really be old, only perhaps a bit creaky as time goes on. But not if you keep skiing in Wengen and using those knees! (and also the alcoholic coffee might help – or not. Not sure about that!) xx

  2. And about time too!! I’ve been LONGING for these stories and pictures to bubble out! Did you know the ‘heroine’ in my book is a writer and illustrator of children’s books? And she’s been doing that for the last 25 years (while I’ve been fiddling about with it!)

      • You’re welcome! My problem is I have to many different “books” started but am having trouble just sticking with one until it’s finished. Although, I do have a rough draft of my first one along with the artwork, but I just don’t know if kids would connect with it!

      • Sorry – I missed your reply! Ah, too many ideas and not enough time to focus before the next one pops up. I know that problem! Try the rough draft out on some kids – they will tell you what they think, in double quick time. Gulp! 🙂

      • Thanks so much Trudi! I have actually thought of that, but at this time there aren’t really any little kids in my life circle. My kids are grown and aren’t starting families anytime to soon. However, there are two little girls in the neighborhood that I plan to hit up for summertime reading soon! I love your blog by the way! Sorry it took so long to see your comment. I have had trouble getting to my comments in the last week or more. I hope it’s fixed now. 🙂

      • Thank you! My comments have been a little bit random lately too! Maybe it is a bug or something. I can only reply through my desktop, not my phone. I’m sure they will fix it. 🙂

      • I don’t have a phone I can do all that stuff on, and I only have a laptop, but for well over a month, I was not seeing anyone’s comments! 🙂

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