Tassia’s kitchen

Plants and flowers in the restaurant

Have you been to Tassia’s kitchen? It’s a real place, on a Greek island in the Sporades, and   it feels like heaven. Lunch at Tassia’s on the front veranda, amid the plants and flowers, after a morning swimming in the turquoise blue Aegean sea, is something to treasure.

We love eating in our family. I often think that our collective greed for good food is the thing that holds us together. We like nothing more than a menu full of home cooked deliciousness. Tassia’s kitchen is an excellent place to be, in this case. Hot courgette fritters, taramasalata, warm bread and oil. Grilled meat, octopus, white beans in tomato sauce, and my favourite – kritamos (rock samphire – a simple plate of vinegary, coastline foraged green stuff). Olives. Feta cheese pie. Moussaka. Fresh salad. Tomatoes. Salty little fish, deep fried and crispy. Cold white wine in a tin carafe, with condensation forming on the outside. The kids get Coke or lemonade, we might stretch to a cold beer for the eldest. We order it all to arrive at once and pass round the plates, murmuring oohs and aahs to ourselves in a sort of culinary trance. The kretimos rarely leaves my end of the table, fanatical about it as I am.

Everything about Tassia’s is wonderful. Visiting last year* was even more special for me, as my brother and his family came to join us on holiday, and they like eating too. It was so nice to see my brother’s** face as the food came out.  I hope I always remember sitting and eating there  with them in the heat, and then wandering down past the brightly coloured fishing boats afterwards. We had such a lovely holiday together.

And that’s the point about Tassia’s – it’s almost a magical place. I can go there in my head when the skies are grey, and just remember for a minute the intense heat and the food and the good times we have there. This morning I did just that.

Where do you escape to, in your head?


*Don’t tell the others, but we had lunch at Tassia’s once already before they arrived 🙂

** My brother loves food even more than I do. Find his excellent cooking at


Me and my big brother, Rich, on holiday.

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