Tip trip

Digger at the rubbish dump

We discovered the shed roof was leaking, and everything was getting wet. We’d been ignoring it for ages – too long. We decided to call the local repairman, and he came today to re-roof it and make it good.

So, this weekend we turned out the contents of the shed and spread it all out on the lawn to see what was in there. All kinds of stuff! Deckchairs (some broken), bikes, tools, the kids’ painting easel from years ago. A broom, an old rug (which miraculously had saved the floor from going rotten by catching all the water!), a few buckets with holes. Some old useless paint pots with 1cm of paint in. Old garden toys chewed by foxes in the night. About a million soggy tennis balls.

We sorted it all out, put some good stuff we no longer needed on the front drive for people to take away*, lined the car boot with a tarpaulin and hauled the rest of the sorry lot to the tip.

I love going to the tip. I like the rust and the ramshackle air of it all. It was quite busy, so we had to queue patiently in a long line of cars. The recycling centre part of the tip is being reorganised, so at the moment you just back the car up and pile everything on to the mountain of waste. It’s horrifying, and fascinating; all of life is in that heap.

Anyway, queuing gave me lots of time to swoon over the colours, and the thrown-out stuff, and take photos of diggers from the car window. I always think how good it would be to do an art project based on the tip. Perhaps that is my own peculiar destiny!
*It was all gone by the end of the weekend.

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