Guitar practice

Guitar illustrationWhen I say ‘guitar practice’, with reference to my middle child, I don’t mean the grinding torture of enforced playing. I’m talking more about the *need* to play. The self expression of practicing music. The playing in every available minute; after school, every day, every evening. He did have a few group lessons once upon a time, but he is happier doodling about on the guitar by himself, watching youTube videos for technique, or figuring out how to play the songs he currently likes. It’s half term this week, and there are lots of available minutes, and the house has been full of music!

Is this not the best way to learn anything – to have a genuine, almost compulsive interest and the chance to experiment? He’s also got the solitary drive, and the self sufficiency. He just quietly gets on with it; he needs no help. He’s a boy in his own element – comfortable in himself and with a high disregard for peer pressure. I admire him so much. If he’s not playing guitar, he’s out on his bike, ripping up a mountain bike trail in the woods – pushing himself harder and harder to tear down the hill trails faster. The stories become ever more dangerous-sounding.  I actually can’t listen, but who could deny him the adrenaline rush – or the fresh air? He was out on his bike at the trails for 7 hours yesterday!

He runs. He works out. He loves being outdoors. If he wants it, he’ll work for it.
He practices.

What a life he has ahead of him! I can’t wait to see what happens.

PS: Reality check
He is almost 16. There is a *lot* of snapchatting and mobile phone usage too 🙂

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