Hot water

Woman in shower

It’s part of my daily life to say thank you for the hot water.

In the shower, first thing, I just let that lovely hot water stream over me, and I say thank you for it, into the clouds of steam. I find it so amazing that in my house I have a system that heats up the water and sends it jetting out from the shower or the tap, just for my health, wellbeing and convenience.

It’s like a miracle if you think about it.

I can get too worried about stuff sometimes – especially when Alex is away, as he has been this week. Loneliness and the internet are not my friends on these days. There are too many sources, too many voices, too much temptation to sit up late, fretting over the news.

It knocks everything out of kilter for a while. I’m too tired to get to bootcamp for example, even though I know exercise would help. I’m too weary in my soul to think about painting or ever having an idea again*.

But even in times of overwhelm, there’s still the gift of the hot water.

*I did write this blog though, and draw this picture, so that’s something 🙂

One Comment on “Hot water

  1. Delightful and how true. I have to play the counting game with my shower. Count up to ten , and you KNOW it will go from cold to hot! And it does!

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