Moving forward, holding back

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I went into London this week for a day of thinking, coaching and training. It was a novel but welcome change to be the one leaving the house to catch the early train, work bag in hand! I thoroughly enjoyed it, although downloading the day’s domestic requirements into my husband’s overloaded operating system took a few attempts. I was still thinking of anxious texts to write to him while I was speeding towards London – ‘you do know *where* the Orthodontist’s is, don’t you?/ Can you get the kids something for tea/ Remind them to feed cats/ Has Lucas got his key?/ Sorry – so many instructions’.

I didn’t send any texts. I just thought – hurray! I’m out of here! I’m not sorry at all!*

And read my book.

The training day was near King’s Cross, and that was an extra bonus for me because it is right next to St Pancras International. Is it not the best station in the whole world? I love it. I got the early train in so I could spend a while just watching the Eurostar travellers – French students, day-trippers, business people… all so fascinating. I once met my Dad at 9am for champagne in the bar in St Pancras, and that was a nice and funny memory to re-live for a moment or two. Then there’s the architecture itself! I could, and have, spent hours there.

In fact, I spent so long admiring the station that I was almost late for the training.

I ‘met’ Pete Mosley on Twitter a while ago. Pete’s a writer, editor and coach who works with quiet creatives, exploring the business of creativity. I’ve been following him and watching, impressed all the while, and when I saw he was hosting a Possibility Retreat in London, I knew I shouldn’t miss it. My fellow retreaters were professional musicians, artists, ceramicists, doctors, photographers and business people. A lovely bunch, in a very chilled atmosphere, in a cool building – the Lumen Centre in Bloomsbury.

I so appreciated Pete’s expert help in guiding us through a structured day of thinking about creativity, business, and dreams. I discovered several key ideas which will really help me to move my work forward. I had a few ‘a ha!’ moments too – mostly around the fact that *I* myself am the only one on this planet holding me back (WHY??!). As the day went on, I began to imagine – no, believe – that there are whole worlds out there for me; new landscapes and vast horizons to move into. I had some lovely soup for lunch, a couple of good strong coffees and a thoroughly excellent time.

Thanks, Pete!

Important note:
*My husband really needs no instructions! He’s better at it all than I am. He’s also my biggest fan 🙂

3 Comments on “Moving forward, holding back

  1. Totally amusing.,who needs the daily papers with this sort of thing to read!? So gracious, so true to the person that you are, uniquely Trudi ! Thank you 😊

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Ruth! Thanks! It was a really good day. There was so much to think about it will take me a while to digest it all..!

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