Deep in a book

Child reading in a large chair

This girl.

She reads, constantly.
It’s wonderful to watch.

Here she is in a country house last October, deep in a book.

I’ve been wanting to work this little sketchbook gem into a painting for ages, so it was great to finally get it down on paper. I had a lovely time playing with light, shadows, and ink, and then did a sort of curious faffing about in Photoshop. It’s nice to mess about in digital programmes; I find it amazing that I always discover something new and interesting!

5 Comments on “Deep in a book

  1. A brilliant observation. And delicious colours, yes, you’ve obviously put a lot into this one! When do you find the time to do ng else?! I was expecting a little story with it! I love your stories too!

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    • Thank you! Delicious colours from new watercolour inks (I’ve sold a few pieces of work recently so have stocked up on new supplies, always exciting).When do I find time: I don’t do anything else! Story on Friday, promise.

  2. I play with photoshop myself. It’s amazing what one can do with it 😉

    • Isn’t it! I did a few tutorials at the beginning, but I much prefer to just explore it and play 🙂

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