A fine young man

Portrait of young man by Trudi Murray

I’m not usually given to showing off, and we all know that there’s a certain someone loudly claiming all the bragadocious energy in the Universe at the moment. But I heard Barack Obama say recently that if your parents aren’t bragging on you, then you’re in trouble.

I was taken with this idea, and am going to seize the opportunity, since my boy Felix has been impressing me of late.

He’s a delight. About to take A levels, and with designs of going on to University to invent the next gadget you didn’t know you needed but which will change your life, and probably the whole world, and hopefully the climate, he can also do laundry.

He’s kind. He’s funny. He loves hot chocolate. He lives for music and isn’t afraid to perform an electronic DJ set of his own writing/devising wearing a snapback* and a shabby oversized jumper, wreathed in dry ice and effortlessly cool, in front of an audience of bewildered la-di-da parents at the school concert.

He’s an outer London kid, used to trains and tubes and buses and connections, and getting used to Camden market, late nights, beer and the way of girls.

What a fine young man. I’m prepared to believe the cigarettes weren’t his.

*snapback: a peaked hat. There is literally no difference between a snapback and a baseball cap. Discuss. (Believe me, we have.)

10 Comments on “A fine young man

  1. Trudi you bring joy and colour to my life, and I will be forever grateful for this!

    • As do you to mine, dear Carolina, and let’s not forget the delicious tapas and the party glasses. I love you! xx

  2. Delightful in every respect. Your happy voice, his amazing portrait, and a delightful word picture of your son Felix! I look forward to meeting you all one day ! Keep up the good work..of entertaining your family and friends on the Internet ! I love it! Love from Roger

    Sent from my iPad


    • You definitely must come and meet him one day, Roger, and all the rest of them, who are just as fab. Now he is so big, and the same age as I used to be when in your youth group, it does make me wonder how we all crammed in your Citroen 2CV with our long teenage legs, but maybe the car was bigger than I remember. 🙂

  3. Trudi, you can boast away, All your offspring are great. You Murrays are all, without exception, a bright light in our little corner of the universe.

    • Oh Didie, I’m blushing! And I forgot to tell you, after our last conversation about films I always now stay and watch the credits right to the end 🙂

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