Men dancing

groovy illustration of men dancing

We were invited to Justin’s party. My Auntie was already staying last weekend, so I had decided it would be nice to stay home with her rather than go out gallivanting. But when she found out there was a party invitation on the mantelpiece, she said straight away I must go – so I fed the kids, threw on a dress and off we went. (Thanks, Auntie Val!).

It was fun! Justin owns a vineyard and makes highly regarded wine. My husband has worked in and with the wine trade for most of his career, so they are friends. All the top wine experts were at the party: journalists, writers, Masters of Wine. I didn’t know who anyone was, and had no context of their fame or the hierarchy of their expertise. I’m sure it was very refreshing for them to meet a buffoon whose only real knowledge of alcohol is that I must not have more than two glasses of it or my brain will melt.

I’ve got some way to go before my next big birthday, but it looks like a great place to be. The men on the dance floor were captivating – the dancing was very expressive!

Thanks for a fun evening, Justin!

Have a look at Justin’s wine here:


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