Magic fingers

magic fingers illustration

One evening last week it was Book Club. We meet in the pub, which leads my children to call it Pub Club. We do all love books though, as well as a nice glass of something, and I look forward to our monthly meetings very much.

I started attending my book club about 10? years ago (goodness me!), and we have read tons and tons of books. I was one of those quiet, bookish breastfeeding Mothers, and the welcoming local library was my second home when I was a young and rather disassociated Mummy, bored of long hours alone feeding the baby. When I’d surfaced enough to want to do something for myself (it took a few years!), the friendly library staff hooked me in to their book club. Eventually it had to move to the pub. Tante pis* – we survived the move, and are still going strong.

As well as the book (‘So, shall we talk about the book?’), we always discuss films, families, work and other books. We had an interesting discussion last week about talent, and hard work: does talent even exist or is all ‘genius’ actually nurtured opportunity and hard work?

I’m inclined towards the more inclusive latter, as it means that great, magical things are on the tips of all our fingers if only we put our minds to it.

Book club ladies: I love you. See you next month!

*Cool phrase alert!
‘Tante pis’ – so much the worse; the situation is regrettable but now beyond retrieval.

**Have a read of ‘Bounce’ by Matthew Syed. Really interesting!

6 Comments on “Magic fingers

  1. Wonderful. Your group sounds great, and I agree with you about nurtured opportunity and hard work. This gives me hope that one day magical things may occur from my fingertips and, more importantly, that there may be a Pub Club in my life. Just as soon as I can motivate myself to get up from under this blanket.

    • Thank you Sian! I hope there will be a Pub Club in your life soon too. It’s really fun. I have just looked at and followed your blog. So much magic. Your clever fingers hard at work. I don’t know how you do it with a little one around. I look forward to seeing more.

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