The kind bus driver

A bus journey situation

Midday, on the way home from town the other day. There was a woman on the bus drinking wine from the bottle. She seemed to be having a good time, and her behaviour felt harmless, but as our journey progressed, she was causing a little stir among the other passengers.

The bus driver leant out of his cab to see what was going on. He told the woman very calmly what was expected of her. He had a kind smile and a gentle voice, but he wasn’t having any misbehaving on his bus. He was very assertive, and very respectful. The woman was totally cool about it, and put her bottle away. Maybe it was because the driver had treated her so decently.

I’d like to be like that bus driver. He was so great. And, aren’t we all just a few choices away from misbehaving in any sort of way on the bus? I know I am.


2 Comments on “The kind bus driver

  1. Dear Trudi, thank you for your kind thought to start the day! You are always so full of positive things to say about the world around you ! Yesterday I was really sad because a Swiss friend failed to ring me to ask me to go snowshoeing. I was really looking forward to going out into the snow with him. We did it last year and it was the BEST day of my trip. Instead I went up the mountain, which cost me a bit. But it was stunningly beautiful up there, with fantastic views and beautiful blue blue sky. And as I walked up a steep slope ( I never made it to the top- it’s scary!) I met another Swiss friend . His arm was in a sling , as it has been on and off the last few days. Oh, I said, you’re wearing your sling again? Yes, he told me,,he’d had an operation on his hand the day before. It would be weeks before it would be mobile again. And I listened to him for quite a while, up there, and thought if I’d gone snowshoeing with Üli I’d never have met up with Rudi and had this lovely deep and meaningful conversation. And so the pattern of the day became much clearer, and although I ended the day still puzzling why Üli’s wife hadn’t contacted me about going snowshoeing with her husband , I felt much happier about the day.

    This morning, Üli rang me first thing and said, Roger what are you doing today? Ok, I’m skiing today, but tomorrow, we ARE going snowshoeing after a soup lunch, which he will make and it will be delicious! And snowshoeing in the lovely powder snow,in the fields above Wengen; it will be like a dream come true!

    My little thought for the day! God bless your day! Love from Roger

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    • Things often work out in the end the way they are meant to! Snowshoeing sounds intriguing – have a good time. I have been to Bootcamp fitness this morning, and now I am exhausted (but fit) and feeling very pleased with myself! xx

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