Getting out

New raincoat illustration

I popped into Kingston to do some sketching (although the primary motivation was to get out of the house and see the world. And I met two people I knew before I even got on the bus, and then another friend on the bus, so my longing to have a chat was satisfied).

I got very cold standing on the bridge (for an hour, maybe more?) drawing the boats and the buildings, so went to the nearest cafe to warm up.

To get to the cafe in John Lewis you must pass through the clothes department (if you can, without being tempted). I’ve been clinging on to my tatty old everyday Winter coat for years now, even though it came from a charity shop in the first place. It’s been great! It’s not waterproof though, and I have been looking for something to keep me warm AND dry for a while. There were racks of lovely looking coats, with furry hoods and cosy pockets. Hey presto! The first one I tried on felt… just right. I did try a couple more, just to be sure, but bought the first one.

And that was that! A good trip to town.

5 Comments on “Getting out

  1. Hi Trudi, what a nice story. I call a trip to Kingston or anywhere which is just an excuse to get out, “a little outing”. My daughter’s love it when I say, ” do you fancy a little outing?”, as we always get up to something! Finding a coat is a good example! I resisted a very expensive herringbone coat in Jigsaw only to find an even better one in a nearly new shop which was £200 cheaper! I love it and it looks unworn and is from Amthopologie! That was my little outing in St Margaret’s the other day between parking my car and visiting someone.

    • Hi Laura! I like the sound of your little outings! The coat sounds great too – Anthropologie is my favourite shop ever but I dare not go in very often as I could buy everything in a heartbeat, especially the clothes. Hope you’re well! Come round one day and have a little outing to my house? xx

      • That would be lovely Trudie. Let me know when is good. X

  2. How could I even consider I subscribing to you, Trudi?! Your emails are always so entertaining, and terribly you! No one else speaks like you! I love ” listening” to you! Very entertaining ! But rather time consuming!

    I’m having difficulty ” getting out on the snow” because I’m spending so much time reading email and Facebook and Google world news each day? But out I must go, to open the church, and see all the people , who need to hear about Jesus! Yesterday I decided to go skiing for as long as possible, using a free ski pass a friend had given me, which was kind of him! Even so, I didn’t get going until 11.15, but by then it wasn’t quiet so cold, maybe only Minus 15!!! Coming out of the cable car I met a Swiss shopkeeper I know. So we skied together for half an hour, which was fun, belfry he went off in another direction, nothing personal! We all have our own agenda in life don’t we?! Then a few minutes later , less that 15 minutes late, I’d say, I arrived at a chair lift, and to my surprise and delight, I looked at the man sitting next to me and it was the first man’s brother, whom I know very well, a retired teacher. Niclaus and I have known eachother for many years, and I used to to into his Primary School class and speak ” real English” to the children! He is am amazing skier, and it’s a huge privilege to be able to ski with someone like Niclaus, who’s been brought up in the mountains, and has skiied from childhood. So off we went, and then he said, let’s have lunch but oh dear I’ve left my wallet behind , so we’ll have to go back to the village to get my money, and then come back up again, to the restaurant ! No need! I said , I have 100CHF! Which was rare for me! And so we went to a super restaurant, which I’ve been to many times, high up on the mountainside, overlooking the glacier. The scenery is just stunning, awesome. Although every time I look at the glacier, I’m sad to think of global warming, and how it’s receding all the time. So a long lunch , with half a litre of very good wine, and off we went again, more skiing, with some very helpful instruction from Niclaus about using my knees! It’s humbling lying to think that I can still, at this age, improve on my skiing. At least Niclaus thinks so. He’s just amazing to watch. One moment he’s skiing quite slowly, and then he seems to suddenly put a supercharger on his skiis and he heads straight down the mountain, and he’s gone! So beautiful. Anupyway , he got me thinking ” knees” and I think it worked! He says I am a good skier, very good, but I need to get fit! I said, but I am fit,; but you are always going oo! and ah! Roger. You could be fitter!

    So we stopped for a coffee with schnapps on the way home; after all, it was cold by then! Any excuse for a tipple! And so ended a very happy day ” out on the snow”, a day when I thought I’d do some sketching and skiing all on my own! Instead of which, I was with friends all day. And I forgot to mention, it was one of those beautiful , glorious, blue blue sky days, not a cloud in the sky! I’m just so blessed, Trudi , and it’s nice to be able to share it with you! So much for getting up early, and ahead of myself! Look at the time Rog ! It’s ten past 8 already! Well ye, but time well spent, Roger , writing this little epistle to dear Trudi, who you think is one very special, talented lady, a wonderful wife and mother, with a very special gift of art and telling stories, a talent to amuse ( Noél Coward!) God bless you and the family, ( Alex away again I think! ) today Love from the awesome Bernese Oberland mountains, where the dawn sun has just hit the Breithorn! Roger

    Sent from my iPad


    • How can I reply to such a tale! And I know this is your every day life!!! Well, for some of the year anyway. How amazing it must be. Hope today is similar or even better! Glad you had coffee with schnapps, that sounds delicious. I must try it but they would have to airlift me off the mountain as I cannot handle alcohol (ask Alex!). Alex back home today – hurray! We will have to ask global warming expert Donald Trump to put the glacier back bit by bit. He would love that I’m sure. Thank you for all the kind words! It is just practice and a sort of determination to make it happen really. But glad I amuse – I don’t even set out to 🙂

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