Battle Plan

Dear World,

Hello out there. Can I let you into a secret? Sometimes (often?) I feel like this:

illustration of monsters

You Can’t Do It. (Don’t listen to them!)

But you know what? I planted those flowers round my feet, by my own hard work, and they are growing, slowly but surely. I’m making pictures and paintings and poems and stories and getting them out there, despite all the doubts and niggles. Those strange meanies don’t know what they are talking about, but their voices are sometimes loud and horribly compelling.

To prove that I’ve got this, (and I’m proving it to myself, perhaps!) I’m setting myself a challenge. A battle plan, if you like:

Post here on my blog every other day something which makes me smile. Something that went ‘well’. Something that warmed my heart. Something that speaks of ‘success’ – in whatever form that comes.

(I believe 100% that success is often just a well made, hot cup of tea, so with those achievable expectations, I should be OK, right?).

Will you join me and follow along?

I can do this! We can do this.

Love, Trudi


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