Overnight Success Story

whether most humans
who walk the earth
would consider this success
i don’t know,
but let’s imagine
leaving the house
turning left
pushing the gate
and into the
the tunnel of trees
green against the sky
and horses ranging in the meadow beyond.
let’s leave the traffic
to its linear devices
and curl gently
up to the bridge
over the stream
stopping to look at
the fish & the lilypads
and the moorhens
we’ve watched since they hatched.
still further
let’s venture
into the tunnel
under the full cover
the canopy of leaf
the dark and muddy bit
that dogs so enjoy
and out out out
into the sunlight
and the wide open park
blackberries & buddleia & bracken & grasses
knee high
and celebrating
as i take their lonely path
and no other.
i can feel them shiver under my gaze
and wish me well
as i pass on by.
we are together in our solitude.
up on through:
the wooden gate
to the water gardens
polished to the touch
from use
and round
to the best bit
another bridge
with its wedding cake layers
of glassy iced water
streaming down
from the top.
no heron today
but moorhen cousins
pootle & squeak
poking about in the reeds
and eight geese
in stately convoy
take to the rapids
and careen madly
all the way down.
the elderflowers
are dancing in memory
of their lacewhite skirts

and i don’t know
if most humans
would consider this success:

leaving the house
and turning in
to the park

but i do






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