Holding Fast

What am I actually doing? I have no idea.

It’s easy to appear calm and confident on the internet. I should know, because some of the time (much of the time?) I’m secretly bewildered by life, and yet outwardly, and online, you’d maybe never guess.

Folksy.com recently asked me to write something for them on this conundrum, with a slant on business, making art and being present in the world of social media.

Without further ado, find the enlightening and honest article


Love Trudi


One Comment on “Holding Fast

  1. Hi…..have not been able to get your article yo read yet but the title shot at me as the phrase HOLDING FAST came strongly to me as I was reading from the bible , about Joshua…using the On line guide WORDLIVE. Looking fwd to reading your ideas. Thanks. Jean Simmonds

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