Tick The Box

oh no
it’s happening again
i’m opting out
getting sucked into the black vortex
going on a rampage
in my dreams
last night
all night
i shouted at
for letting us down
i gave
eloquent speeches
on Lesbos
to wild applause
about womens’ rights
and all the suited men
at the back
abandoned their infantile
body language
skulked away
in the face
of it.
i know why
of course,
it’s obvious.
the person
i like having sex with
is far away
with only
bratwurst for company,
drinking too much
watching action movies.
Apologies to the men
who have wondered
with their eyes
in his absence
but, no.
(Idris Elba,
if you are reading this,
it would be difficult for me
to be strong
so please do not contact me.)

On our brief weekends together
I thought we might
sit on the beach
holding hands
watching the sun go down
but as it turns out
we go to Wickes
to buy silicon sealant
and nails
and then
we grapple and fight
on the shoreline
like two stupid walruses
squashing our young
in the war for supremacy
you with more heft
I with more cunning

but no less ugly


TM 29th May 2016





4 Comments on “Tick The Box

  1. Love it Trude – you are super amazing x x x

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