Moving Forward


Be Who You Are

It’s been a few exciting months of learning for me. I’ve been busy thinking about my style, my ambition, my skill. I’ve worked in the virtual company of a great bunch of artists, producing weekly assignments at breakneck speed and often to a quality I’ve never seen myself produce before. I’ve been stretched and challenged in so many ways! (Not least by all my new technology, but I’m delighted to say the creative benefits of Photoshop outweigh the occasional frustration! Here’s a tip from my small daughter, sighing, without looking up from her book: ‘Just Google it, Mummy.’).

The good news is I’ve come out energised, excited and ready to go. I have so many ideas for how to move forward I hardly know where to start. It’s fabulous! I’m so grateful for all the input and encouragement I’ve received.

Flower painting by Trudi Murray

Be in the Moment

I’ve also thought a lot about my self recently – how far and how fast to push myself while still being kind and gentle to my sensitive soul. Being in the moment, living freely, being who I am. We are capable of far more than we think. I know I am! Constantly pressing forward sometimes makes my mind ragged round the edges – fractious and fearful, ready to give up or hide. But in giving up, I would deny what makes me tick! That’s no option! Bravely onwards, then, into the unknown. Come with me? It would be nice to have friends along the way. For all of you who have cheered me on, bought my work, sent lovely messages, helped me think through decisions and ‘liked’ even the sometimes dim and shaky photos of my work on Facebook*, I salute you and send you hugs and kisses! I am so grateful to you.

Flower painting by Trudi Murray

Live Freely

These new paintings symbolise all of the above to me. I’d love to get work like this licensed for use on stationery, gifts, home decor, wall art. Watch this space! It’s something I am working towards. And if you are someone who works in those fields and would like to work together with me, please feel free to be in touch :)**

*Shaky photos are hopefully now a thing of the past!
**Do email me at!


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