Some recent work

It’s been so busy around here this Autumn, but lots of work has been going on in the background.

Here’s a mad jumble of it, predominantly from life class first, which is still an endless source of inspiration for me. Then some lovely bits and bobs from the course I am doing with Lilla Rogers***, and a pic of my latest batch of flower cards. I made triple the number this time, and still almost sold out at the Art Fair! I said goodbye to many favourite paintings there too – brilliant to see them going off to new homes.


***The course I’m taking is called ‘Make Art that Sells’ (which sounds promising, doesn’t it?!). I’m enjoying it so much. Much like my life drawing tutor, Lilla’s encouraging approach is one of finding your own groove and pushing it to its fullest extent. Along with masses of juicy assignments, info and tips on how to approach art directors, and find work in the tantalising fabric, gift, home decor and wall art commercial markets – without selling out. That’s the bit that intrigues me the most, actually. If I want to be one thing, it’s who I was made to be – me (quirks and all)!


If you’re a working artist/illustrator/graphic designer, check out Lilla’s courses here! They’re not for total beginners, and the terrain is steep and intense (I wouldn’t want it any other way!), but one week in, and it’s been worth it already. Highly recommended!


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