Full Steam Ahead!

I love this time of year! I always did. It was the best part of the school year – choosing a new pencil case, wearing new shiny shoes, trying so hard to get my sums right and not spill ink on my new jotter. I send my own children back to school with a certain wistfulness, (and I admit it, a slight feeling of glee at the thought of an uninterrupted cup of tea) especially since the teachers are all so dynamic and energetic. I would like to be in those classrooms too!

It’s a busy Autumn for me too, with several exciting events on the horizon.

I’m preparing for my stand at The Landmark Art Fair, in Teddington, SW London, on October 17 – 18th (with a private view on Friday 16th in the evening! How lovely!). The fair is open from 10 -5 so it promises to be a full weekend. My husband is coming to help me manage the stand. All the work though is up to me! I’ve started by making a few new pieces – some beautiful ladies, and some landscapes.

Beautiful lady painting expressive eyes and hair Harvest Fields: painting of harvest fields Trudi Murray These Shores painting of sea/landscape Trudi Murray Top Hat and Stocking Top, painting of girl in top hat with blonde hair

All these paintings, more new ones and lots more lovely pictures, prints and cards will be available for sale at the art fair. I’m looking forward to meeting all the other artists and I’ll be on hand to answer any questions – all weekend. After that I might need a quiet day drinking tea and listening to radio 4!

If you would like to come to the The Landmark Autumn Art Fair, I have a digital private view/ 2 for 1 entry, as well as a catalogue, which I can email to you. Just pop me an email to trudi@trudimurray.com. For locals, I have some good old fashioned paper invites – grab me and ask for one!

As well as all that, I will be putting on my high heels and with champagne in hand, going to visit my painting ‘Alaska’ which has earned a place in the exhibition ‘From the Pages of a Book’, at The Riverside Gallery in Richmond Upon Thames, from 3rd October – 5th December. ‘Alaska’ is inspired by the poem of the same name by Simon Armitage.

You’ll be able to buy ‘Alaska’, or any of the other works, from the gallery during the exhibition.

painting of bear struggling with the washing - from Simon Armitage's poem Alaska

I’ll also be wearing fingerless gloves, a large coat and several woolly hats at the Hampton Christmas event in December. Oh, and selling some prints and cards etc in the freezing cold. More details on that shortly. Let’s hope there is plenty of mulled wine to go around!

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