Divine Bodies

Life drawing remains a favourite and weekly pastime of mine. The practice of it is, I do believe, the engine room of everything. It informs all my other work, in some undefinable way I can never quite put my finger on.

I usually work in my sketchbook, so that I can keep some sort of record of things. Also, when sketching (other things) in public, it’s a great wheeze with which to surprise overly curious passers-by, when they nosily peer into the other pages of my sketchbook, only to find countless versions of naked men.

I started working up some of my favourite sketches today, thinking of a little series of divine bodies. Calm, bold, graphic, elegant. Here’s the first one. Girl stocking sexy life drawing

‘Always the Stocking’
Acrylic and watercolour ©Trudi Murray 2015

She wasn’t wearing a stocking. I added it myself. Always a good thing.

I’ll be making prints of this – and the others (there are so many to choose from!) – so we can all enjoy these divine bodies.

In the meantime, do have a look round my Folksy shop! I’m the featured seller on Folksy this week, so you can use the code CELEBRATE in my shop to get yourself 15% off! (Until 21st June – GO!)

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