Choose Love

Dan and Amy x

Dan and Amy
You rock xxx

I met Dan and Amy when they were teenagers, when they came to the youth group that we ran in our house every Sunday night. There were about 8 of them in the group, and the main theme of the meetings was playing silly games, eating sweets and throwing cushions about. We were a church youth group, so sometimes we discussed ideas and opinions around faith and life, but looking back, I’m not sure we got around to that so very often! It was so nice just messing about, and being together. It was lovely watching them grow up, and they were a great group of friends.

Amy and Dan started going out in Year 11. It was quite exciting for the whole group at the time! Even more exciting, then, to see them getting married yesterday, 10 years later! The wedding was in a barn in Cornwall. The bride wore flowers in her hair. The groom looked dashing, and there was a hog roast, and dancing into the night.

They asked me to write a poem to read at their ceremony. What an honour! Wild horses (or even nerves, and boy, was I nervous!) would not have stopped me getting up there to read this for them.

Choose Love
Love is not in a hurry.
It does not rush.
Love could wait forever if it needed to.
Love is generous, and tender.
It always looks out for someone else.
Love is not self-serving,
nor does it
promote its own interests.
Love is not jealous.
It is secure in itself.
Love has no need of petty justification.
Love is humble,
but confident.
Love gets on with things.
You won’t hear love
mouthing off
about someone else.
Rather, love whispers
about good things.
Love builds up
its enemies,
blessing them at night,
hoping they have good dreams.
Love is calm.
It is forgiving.
It wipes the slate clean.
Love does not have any patience
with the dark side.
It turns its face
to the light instead,
humming cheerfully.
Love is always there.
Love will always favour trust,
hope and faithfulness.
It’s true what they say:
love will conquer.
Every time.
Other things will give up,
fall over,
go bad,
and wear out.
But love?
Love will go on and on and on.
Choose love.
Choose love.
Choose love.

Trudi Murray April 2015

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