Thank You

There is so much in the world to say thank you for! It’s nice to remember all the good things, and to stop for a while and give thanks. Harvest is one of those times, but it strikes me several times a day, as I clean out my painty water jar, how lucky I am. What a luxury to have clean, fresh water on tap! And not just to keep me alive, either.

Thank you.

The watercolour painting I’m doing here for St Mary’s Parish Church, Hampton, took about three hours. Or was it four? Time flies when you’re having so much fun! Now, I know you’re all patient, but I speeded it up for you. Thanks to all those kind people who post movie making tutorials online, I managed to do it without a teenager in sight (but it would have been easier with one!).

The awesome music is by The Huckleberries. You can find out more about them, and about Dave Hum, the banjo player here:

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