The Wrong Delivery

I ordered a new batch of papers, all sorts of sizes and weights, and some watercolour inks. I love getting the parcels, although the fresh blank sheets (and the cost! Arches paper!) sometimes scare me.

They got it all mixed up this time at the art shop, and I ended up with some paper I hadn’t bargained on, but the lovely lady on the phone straightened it all out for me. So, being awash in thick, beautiful watercolour paper, with the right stuff now safely on its way, a little playing was in order.











What on earth could it be? Your guess is as good as mine! This photo is just a tiny part of it, and even looking at it here, I want to go back to it and add more reds, more white, a bit of yellow. But letting go is the point: playing, experimenting, and accepting that it might end up as a muddy puddle. It probably will. But you never know.

And there’s something liberating about free paper!



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