The Mole Catcher

Out for a drive

in the Rolls

with my Father-in-law

and we are going

to catch moles

in Sydmonton

we have with us

several traps

thrown in the back

some flags and markers

a dog

and my son

the countryside

is above us

beneath and behind

we swerve smoothly

for pheasants shooting out

onto the road

a rash of nettles

covers the hills

a bushy eyebrow of dock

is a blemish

on the meadow

when we get there

we let the dog out

nosing about

in the bushes

we peer through windows

tramp on gravel

clear smeary panes

lile a murder mystery,

and then to work:

finding the route

the mole takes

deciding the lay of the land

and setting the trap

jaws open

we will return tomorrow

hoping the kill

is not fresh

TM 2007

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