What If

what if


what if when I die they throw away all my cool stuff

what if we go away and the house floods

what if I run out of food or money

what if I forget to tidy up before I go out

what if the neighbours plot against me

what if I never get better at phone calls

what if I can’t make it happen again

what if a mouse comes in and eats the cereal

what if I end up in a wheelchair

what if the drains block and the house fills up with sewage right to the top and I can’t clear it up

what if one of my children dies

one of the babies I fed at my breast

what if I never amount to anything

what if I’m never quite good enough

what if the roof falls in and lands on me when I’m asleep

what if the computer crashes and I lose all the photos

what if someone asks me to make a painting of horses for them

I can’t draw horses

what if rain gets into my studio

or mice or that squirrel

what if I wake up and my faith is all a muddled up fairy story

what if I don’t wake up

what if the Citilink man kills me

what if I make jam and it doesn’t set and I give a pot to a neighbour and she gets botulism


TM January 2012

Footnote: I have actually worried about all these things. It’s a special skill.

4 Comments on “What If

  1. I remember us having conversations about many of these ‘what if’s’!!! You’re not alone lovely lady :-).

  2. I wouldn’t worry too much just make sure you smile everyday that’s what mum used to tell me, you get the worrying from her I think …..

  3. Hey, thats far too much worrying – I would keep the Citilink man for a horror movie! Just in case you ever need help with horses, thats what I can draw the best – so no worries there!!

  4. Don’t worry everyone! Writing this did make me cry. But now it makes me laugh, so that must be progress. BUT- if a mouse ever does get in and eat the cereal, well…
    And – thanks Silvi, you can be my horse guru!

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