Hey, Bear

I love watching nature programmes (don’t tell anyone). Last night I watched a programme in which a crazy cameraman set out to gradually win the trust of a family of wild black bears, so he could capture on film a year of their lives. I especially liked the bit where the expert researcher taught him to announce his presence in the woods by calling out ‘Hey, bear!’ so as not to spook the bears.

In the studio this morning, I found myself doing the same thing to my painting. Hey, painting. It’s me. Only me. Hey, painting. No need to be afraid. Let’s see what happens today.

Get too confident, like the cameraman did at one point, and you get bitten. At worst, it’s game over. At best, you get a good ticking off and have to work harder to get back to where you were.

I think I did OK this morning. I’ve been into the woods and out again, and I’m still alive.

Hey, painting. See you tonight, when my own bear cubs have gone to bed.

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