Work in Progress

I’m delighted to be working on a new painting for Hampton Library.

It’s all planned out, and I’m now moving on to the next stage of transferring the final design on to a large and beautiful piece of watercolour paper. It’s painstaking work, especially since I’m using a sunny window as a light box,which involves drawing while kneeling on a chair! It’s a good method though, and is working well. The sun shines through the window, through my tracing paper sketch, and through the blank piece of paper, showing me the vague outline of what to draw. It’s only a vague outline, but that’s good, because it forces me to draw, not trace, which retains all the life and immediacy of the original sketch. Tracing is sometimes a bit flat.

Long may the sun shine! I’ve got a fair distance to go. Next step: fine detail, back in the studio.

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